What it Means to Move Joyfully

by Skye Dawson
What it Means to Move Joyfully

I love kids. What I love about them is how easy it is for them to be completely free and joyful in their bodies. Find a two-year-old and watch how active they are. They move their entire bodies, running, jumping, stretching, dancing.

They don’t drive themselves to the gym every day for a routine workout, they just spontaneously move when the moment strikes them.

I’ve built my life around helping people reach their goals, but I think there’s a lot to be said about natural, joyfully, spontaneous movement. Your body’s a wonderful thing, you don’t need to wait for your training session to bring it out to play!

Here are some ways to inject a bit of childlike fun into the way you use your body, every day.

  • Be like a cat when you wake up in the morning, stretch it out when you’re sitting at your desk, or reach up then right down to your toes while you wait for the microwave timer to go off.
  • A session of impromptu wrestling on the couch or a game of tag around the house is not exactly high-intensity interval training, but it’s pretty close.
  • Make things. Your body is also the perfect instrument for fine motor skills – do crafts, cook, tinker with DIY projects or plant veggies out in the sun and fresh air… Need some inspiration? Pinterest has got you covered.
  • You could pay for a special class if you like, or you could be a goof and dance alone in your living room as well.
  • Not sprint. Not jog. You don’t need a timer or any special gear and you’re not on a schedule, you’re just running like a dog who hasn’t had a walk for a while and for the pure joy of it. The last one to the stop sign has to make dinner.
  • Go into nature. In a beautiful space like a forest or the mountains or the beach, you’ll need your whole, enthusiastic body to explore.
  • Find an equally joyful partner for some spontaneous between-the-sheets movement. It counts as cardio.

What’s the point of a full training schedule if you don’t get to enjoy the thing you’re training? Sometimes you’re lazy and have to convince your lazy ass to get out of bed and be active, but fitness and strength are not just chores, not just an extra obligation. You only have one body – enjoy it!

When was the last time you moved joyfully and spontaneously?

What to do now?

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