Black Supremacist Beats Multiple Elderly White Nursing Home Residents in Detroit Hate Crime Video Spree

by Skye Dawson

A 20-year-old Westland Michigan black man, Jadon Hayden, was apparently arrested in Detroit on Thursday following a series of videos he filmed while beating up elderly white nursing home patients.

The latest one, occurring on May 15, was of him repeatedly punching a 75-year-old male inside Westwood Nursing Center on the northwest side of the city.

After viciously punching this victim several times and drawing blood, Hayden can be seen wiping the blood from the man in an attempt to hide his wounds.

Hayden had been uploading videos of himself beating elderly white people and rambling radical racial monologues for months, but it wasn’t until a few people, most notably James Woods and Donald Trump, brought light to his most recent beating that people finally noticed, including the Detroit Police Department.

The nursing home was unaware of the assault until they saw the video. We are still investigating that aspect of the case, but we do have a suspect in custody.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig

A resident of the Walter Reuther Psychiatric Hospital in Westland, Hayden was taken into custody and transported to the Detroit Detention Center without incident and the victim was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries, according to The Detroit News.

We struggled whether or not to post all the 15 or so videos we have of him, but ultimately decided against posting any of them, other than the one below. We altered the video to lighten it up so this coward is recognizable and decided to post it so you can get an idea of the state-of-mind he is in.

In the video, Hayden tries to quote a Bible verse as the reasoning behind his racist beliefs.

…therefore you shall serve your enemies, whom the Lord will send against you, in hunger, in thirst, in nakedness, and in need of everything; and He will put a yoke of iron on your neck until He has destroyed you…

Deuteronomy 28:48

It is not known exactly why Hayden was a “temporary” guest at the nursing home and not at Walter Reuther Psychiatric Hospital, other than what was given by the home’s lawyer.

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The law firm representing the nursing home, Midwest Legal Partners, sent a statement to WXYZ News in Detroit about the incident late Thursday saying the attacker was not a long-term resident but had been admitted for rehabilitation and recovery on a temporary basis.

The nursing home and its administrators are still gathering information, conducting their own investigation, and cooperating fully with the police in their own investigation. We will issue another statement once we have gathered more facts regarding the incident.

One thing we want to make clear, on the record, is that this incident did not involve a nurse or any other employee of the nursing home. The individuals involved were residents. The attacker in the video was turned over to the police around 11:30 a.m. this morning by the staff at the nursing home. He is not a long-term resident of Westwood, but he was recently admitted for recovery and rehabilitation purposes on a temporary stay.

Westwood has been cooperating with the police and will continue to do so. The safety, health, and well-being of our residents remains a top priority of Westwood. We will continue to monitor the situation.

Until we receive more information, we will not be able to comment further on the matter at this time.

Saif Kasmikha, Midwest Legal Partners managing attorney
Law Firm for Westwood Nursing Center

Already out of jail?

While Detroit Police made a statement of his arrest, nothing else was available at the time this post dropped and some people have taken to twitter and other social media to question details of his arrest, including someone using Hayden’s Twitter account.

detroit twitter arrest
hayden twitter fake news

Several people had also used Twitter to insist that it was not Hayden, but instead it was Tariq Nasheed using this as an opportunity to instigate and create race issues.

A brief look at Nasheed’s twitter reveals that he is not only self-described as “the world’s #1 Race Baiter”, he apparently sees the world only through one-dimensional glasses – everything that happens, regardless of the outcome, is due to race. What a sad and pathetic way to live.

tariq twitter

A Hate Crime

Is Jadon Hayden mentally ill? Possibly.

But that does not excuse his behavior, nor should it prevent any legal action from being taken. Mentally ill people can still be a danger to the public, and Hayden knew exactly what he was doing in each of his videos to try to gain followers.

Although age is not generally an acceptable element for a hate crime, disability and race most certainly are. And while each of this moron’s video beatings appears to be directed toward someone that can’t fight back, it’s much more than that.

The one constant victim demographic in his videos (with the exception of one sucker-punch video on a bridge) is they are helpless white people, that just happen to be old and bed-ridden.

That in and of itself would lead a person with any reasonable sensibilities to come to the absolute conclusion that these were racially motivated attacks.

But let’s be real. In 2020 Detroit – or anywhere in the USA for that matter – charging him with a hate crime is probably not going to happen.

What to do now?

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