The 2020 Protests Were Never About Racial Justice. It Was About Greed and Throwing Tantrums

by jasmine

As far as I’m concerned, the 2020 protests for George Floyd is now over.

Captain David Dorn of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department was murdered by looters stealing TVs today. After serving for 38 years, he retired in 2007, only to be shot and killed during what was supposed to be a call for racial justice.

He was black.

And I have yet to hear one chant of his name, other than from the right.

UPDATE: A funding campaign has been started for his family.

Black Lives Matter is a fraud and the people that say their name should be embarrassed. They portray a false sense of “justice”, when all they care about is their own agenda.

And a retired black cop, not killed by a white police officer, doesn’t fit their agenda.

What to do now?

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